Growing up in Scotland: a Century of Childhood

3 x 60, for BBC



30 x 45, Mighty Productions for BBC


Masters of the Pacific Coast: the tribes of the American Northwest

2 x 60, IWC Media for BBC 4


FAIR ISLE: Living on the Edge

2 x 60, for BBC


Location Location Location

10 x 60, IWC Media for Channel 4


Money For Nothing

15 x 45, Friel Kean for BBC


Now you see it

12 x 30, Objective Scotland for BBC 1



1 x 60, STV Productions for BBC Scotland



8 x 45, STV Productions for Sky


Love it or List it

6 x 45, Raise The Roof Productions for Channel 4


The many faces of Ronnie Corbett

1 x 60, Green Inc for BBC


Paper Thistle: 200 Years of the Scotsman

1 x 60, STV Productions for BBC


edit suites

Avid Isis 7000 central media storage allows you to have multiple suites working on your project. Our 14 offline suites are comfortable with natural light, PC and internet access, printer, air-con and of course whiteboards to stick those post-it notes on!

Whatever you need, from ingesting new rushes or uploading your sequence for viewing, our helpful technical team are always on hand to assist you.



In addition to 5 Symphony Nitris suites with a range of effects plugins, Edit 123 also has two fully equipped finishing suites which both use the DaVinci Resolve high-end grading platform. Resolve's creative toolset and advanced multi-layer real-time grading capabilities make these suites the ideal place to add the final polish to your programme.

finishing team:

Our talented team of finishing editors bring with them years of experience and expertise in delivering high-end productions.

view Eric Smith's C.V.

view Jon Bruce's C.V.

view David Armstrong's C.V.

view Gordon Mcateer's C.V.

view grading reel



Edit 123 Sound has four ProTools 12 HD dubbing suites, with 2x16 track Avid S6 mixing consoles, 1x Avid S3 and 1x Command 8 console. Sound 1 is 5.1 ready, while Sound Suites 2, 3 and 4 have stereo Genelec monitoring.

Sound Effects

We have substantial Sound Effects and music libraries with access to a variety of non-commercial music providers.

VO booth/Source Connect

Our VO booth has camera feeds to maintain Producer/Talent “eye contact”. We can provide Source Connect VO sessions whether directing or recording from Edit 123.


We offer format conversion services, e.g. Stereo to 5.1 upmix and 5.1 to Dolby E or LtRt.
All suites can monitor and deliver a loudness compliant mix, and any variety of international sales version stems.


ADR services are available – EdiCue, EdiPrompt and VocAlign.
Foley is available on request.

sound 1 / sound 2 / sound 3 / sound 4 / VO Booth



Edit 123 is conveniently located in central Glasgow with good rail, road and airport links. Even at short notice we can organise crews using experienced staff or freelance talent.

Cameras include the Sony F55, Panasonic P2 and Canon 5D. Range of lenses and ancillary equipment available inc lights, Wally Dolly and track, drapes etc.


4K and HD Workflow

Every project is different and our skilled team will design an individual workflow to get you smoothly from camera to screen. Whatever the source and whatever the delivery, we can plan the workflow and manage it through to completion and archive.
Once your rushes are ingested, you can utilise Forscene, a cloud based system that allows you to access all your material via web browser, for viewing or sync pulls. We use Content Agent to take care of ingesting, transcoding and finally the creation of your fully compliant file deliverables. Its advanced handling of AS-11 files is second to none, and to complement it we have a 100Mbps hi-speed internet connection for fast uploads and file delivery.

Archive/Storage/Media Management

We use Storage DNAevolution for raw rushes archiving to LTO 7. This helps us manage high volumes of camera master data, and also enables us to do low-res to high-res conform workflows for HD and 4K from the LTO 7 archive tapes.



Edit 123, 123 Blythswood Street, Glasgow, G2 4EN, Tel +44 (0) 141 248 3123